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Lincoln Report
Lincoln Report
Lincoln Report9
Lincoln Report

It was good to get back out for the first day of the season for us.

Overall it was a good day. The Partner (EHOS Syndicate) was on at 8.06 which meant leaving the yard at 2am! Talk about a rude awakening to Eventing 2023!

The Partner was so relaxed in his test and I was very pleased with him - as many will know this is not his favourite discipline but he was very rideable. He then had a great double clear going steadily XC to finish 7th. The clear SJ was particularly good as it was certainly causing problems with the tricky ground.

Ballycoog Breaker Boy was back having had a year off in 2022. He had an excellent test - very balanced and level headed and was up there with some very successful horses. He found the SJ quite hard work due to his lanky legs and tricky ground so was pleased to come out with just a pole. He was as straight as always XC and again we just went very steadily as planned.

Tenz, owned by Suzanne Houchin and Nigella Hall,
had a very good test leading the section and achieved the only clear SJ. Unfortunately I had a rider fall in the early part of the course - Both of us are absolutely fine and look forward to Cirencester next week.

Cirencester next week - Tenz and Optimus Actinium Saturday Novice, The Partner and Ballycoog Breaker Boy OI on Sunday.

Looking forward to 2023.
Looking forward to 2023.

We have less than 2 weeks to kick off our 2023 season.

We were very pleased with all the horses that competed in 2022 and look forward to them stepping up this year to their next levels.

A couple of weeks ago we moved yards to Rockley Manor Stables, Near Marlborough. There is unlimited hacking all across the Marlborough downs so this should benefit the horses fitness and mind.

We are looking forward to a busy and exciting 2023 season. Will and The Partner (Conquer)are on the 4* Academy again this year. They had a very successful training weekend the other week. The Partner and Will are aiming for their first 5* together in Luhmuhlen.

Ballycoog Breaker Boy is aiming for Bramham 4*L and then if that goes well 5* at Pau in October.

Tenz (owned by Suzanne Houchin and Nigella Hall) will be at Bicton in May to do a 2* L and then stepping up to Intermediate and 3*. Optimus Actinium will run along side Tenz . Mackenzie (owned by Caroline Leng) will start his BE career in April. Ronnie, who is a new purchase for Will to bring on and sell later in the year will start late spring. Ronnie is by the same sire as Ballycoog Breaker Boy so we look forward to his development. Buzz (Owned by Claire Hubbard) is a five year old who will start competing later in the year.

V.I.P Vinnie is back in full work which is lovely - we will enjoy each competition with him. He starts at Burnham Market in April.

We have 2 fab new Grooms - Alissa Tyler - who as well as working at the yard will be out and about with Will at the competitions. Courtney Cook will be based at the yard and holding the fort while we are competing.

We look forward to an exciting year with the team.


A Few Testimonials

Sharon and Holly Bishop Parkfield Breeding - Owner As breeders and producers of high quality Event horses, Parkfield Breeding absolutely understands the importance of working with only the best partners. The full team at Will Rawlin Eventing (WRE) epitomise the attention to detail required to allow every horse to perform to the best of their ability. Be it consistency of routine, the quality of training or planning ahead. And perhaps most importantly, giving every horse confidence and affection both on the ground and in the saddle. Our horses mean a great deal to us! Thus having a relationship based on trust with a rider means everything to us. Will keeps us updated and we are actively involved in each horses’s journey. The family nature of WRE means attending events is great fun and we always feel valued and well looked after. We would have no hesitation in recommending Will for all of the above reasons. Furthermore we believe he is a talented athlete on his way to great things and we are excited to be a little part of that journey. *** John Bowen - International Coach I have been working with Will as his coach since he was 12 years old. I was immediately aware that he had a talent as a rider, and have enjoyed helping to develop him into the Young Professional that he has become. Will has a thorough understanding of the correct training principles, and producing the Event Horse as an all round athlete. In short, Will is a talented athlete, who is a pleasure to work with, has a bright future ahead of him, and is an ambassador for the Sport of Eventing *** Fi Apthrorp - Owner Having seen Will ride since his early teens he stood out to me as something very special. My daughter gave up her ride and Will was the person I wanted to see have the ride instead. In my opinion, he will be one of the top event riders in the country one day. He is an extremely dedicated, hardworking person who shows exceptional maturity for his age. It’s about the bigger picture not the immediate wins that is important to him and he always puts the horse first.

Gavin Scofield

Gavin is an internationally renowned Equine Osteopath, who has been in full time Equine practice for over twenty years . Gavin has worked with Will for about 15 years, since Will was still riding ponies! Gavin has refined and developed Osteopathic technique to develop a unique way of working which has pushed the boundaries of what is possible therapeutically, allowing the patient’s body to achieve greater benefits from manual medicine. This subtle approach is specifically tailored to work with the innate homeostatic /self correcting reflexes within the body, including the postural centres of the brain. By appropriately stimulating these areas, on many levels, it is possible to help the equine FUNDAMENTALLY change patterns of tension within their muscular-skeletal system. This allows not just a release of tensions, but a PERMANENT change in postural balance, improving biomechanical function, especially movement. This improved postural balance can not only optimise the equine’s movement potential but has also been seen to help improve physiological function and psychological issues.

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