Ballycoog Breaker Boy (William)


175 cm
Year of birth


Ballycoog Breaker Boy (William)







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Happy Riders, Happy horses

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Gavin Scofield

Gavin is an internationally renowned Equine Osteopath, who has been in full time Equine practice for over twenty years . Gavin has worked with Will for about 15 years, since Will was still riding ponies! Gavin has refined and developed Osteopathic technique to develop a unique way of working which has pushed the boundaries of what is possible therapeutically, allowing the patient’s body to achieve greater benefits from manual medicine. This subtle approach is specifically tailored to work with the innate homeostatic /self correcting reflexes within the body, including the postural centres of the brain. By appropriately stimulating these areas, on many levels, it is possible to help the equine FUNDAMENTALLY change patterns of tension within their muscular-skeletal system. This allows not just a release of tensions, but a PERMANENT change in postural balance, improving biomechanical function, especially movement. This improved postural balance can not only optimise the equine’s movement potential but has also been seen to help improve physiological function and psychological issues.

Gemma English
Equine Dental Technician, ,

Gemma has worked with Will since 2016. We had met Gemma through Rupert Smith - a long standing EDT who worked with our horses. When he retired Gemma was the obvious person take over their care. Since becoming fully qualified Gemma began building a business and reputation for excellent dental care which was further excelled in 2016 by taking over from Rupert Smith. Gemma covers mainly Northamptonshire and surrounding areas with the occasional locations nationwide by special request. The client base is diverse in terms of the variety of equine disciplines and all levels within them which Gemma finds important to full fill a more in depth understanding of equine needs. A chosen career in the very specific field of equine dentistry was fuelled by a lifelong love of horses, the requirement of attention to detail and an overall compassionate approach with the desire to improve welfare and performance. Gemma has been and remains a full member of the BAEDT (British Association of Equine Dental Technicians) since 2015. In 2018 Gemma was elected onto the council and served the Association for 3 years gaining valuable industry insights but mostly helping to promote equine welfare, professionalism, training and public understanding of equine dentistry. Gemma graduated in 2013 from Hartpury University obtaining a degree in Equine Dentistry whilst being an apprentice of Grant Chanter from the years 2011-2015. Gemma successfully passed the BEVA/BVDA Equine Dental examination in 2015 to become a fully qualified Equine Dental Technician.

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First Badminton  - "wouldn't have wanted to be on any other horse"
First Badminton  - "wouldn't have wanted to be on any other horse"
First Badminton  - "wouldn't have wanted to be on any other horse"15
First Badminton - "wouldn't have wanted to be on any other horse"

We got there, which is an achievement in itself competed and completed, and I was thrilled with my partner - Ballycoog Breaker Boy. All these years people have been saying there is nothing like Badminton and boy are they right.

We have been a team for the last 8 years and this is what those last 8 years work has been aimed at. Despite having one horse there Siobhan Binns (Top Groom) didn't stop in her care of BBB and I couldn't be more grateful. I also didn't seem to stop between hacking out, trot ups, schooling, general exercising, lessons, competing, commitments to my wonderful sponsors and of course all the many friends that came to support me. It really was quite the experience.

I was of course disappointed that we didn't get BBB's extended trot in the dressage as this had a massive affect on our score as it affected two scores in the test. Despite this we got it back together and the rest of the test was good. The atmosphere in there was quite something - I wasn't conscious of the crowd but very much aware of the atmosphere.

Cross Country we had each others back - and worked together to help each other out when needed - a great round and lots left in the tank so I know what we have for future 5* events.

Show jumping was a tough track and very cleverly built by the designer using every dip and furrow - resulting in only 3 clear rounds! Despite our poles I was very pleased with how William Show Jumped which is definitely his weakest phase and very much work in progress.

A massive thank you to the HUGE team that have got me to this point, not just the current team but past team members also - everyone has contributed to this exciting achievement. Exciting times ahead

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