What a way to finish the season.....

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Ballycoog Breaker Boy on his way to 4th in 3*L at Osberton
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This Horse does it again......
This Horse does it again......
This Horse does it again......10
This Horse does it again......

Ballycoog Breaker Boy has achieved a top 10 finish in every age class. My aim for the 8/9 year old Championships (4*S) was a top ten finish - great to achieve what we set out to do.

If I am honest I was slightly disappointed with the test and therefore the mark. He wasn't carrying himself as well as he has been and therefore his engagement from behind wasn't as good as it could be. He did everything I asked and it was a clear round test.

I was glad not to be early in the Show Jumping as the fog was really bad and made the arena quite eerie - it was still there for us but the sun was just breaking through. Luck was on our side as we touched just about every fence but managed a clear. It was a full up twisty course with big crowds and he slightly distracted - I think these young horses have really missed the experience of having crowds over the last couple of years.

Having had a fall on Saturday I wasn't in a great place both physically and mentally, the morning of cross country. A mixture of Indiba's electromagnetic current treatment, both Saturday and Sunday, being strapped up and the belief that I was on a very good horse got me round the course. The ground was the best there for years and an extremely good inviting course which was a real joy to ride with Ballycoog Breaker Boy being honest and straight from start to finish. We just had a few time penalties which left us in 8th place.

This horse just keeps giving and I would love to find people who would like to join in his journey to 5*. He has a lot more to come which is super exciting.

The Partner performed his best test to date at 4* (2nd best score) but he was the most rideable he has ever been in a big arena. I was thrilled with this as this part of eventing doesn't come naturally to him. Unfortunately I fell off him on the cross country (he didn't fall). The Partner was absolutely mega around the course and giving me one of his best rounds cross country. He seemed to be coping with the crowds, which were huge. This is very encouraging as he is a bit of a worrier. The fall was a lot heavier than we thought and having checked my back out there are a couple of broken transverse processes (wings of the vertebrae). Nothing can be done about this so just sorting the bruising and pain. The Partner came bouncing out on Sunday thinking he was getting ready for his show jumping and looked so well.

A big thank you to Michael Hewlett for looking after the horses so well and picking up the slack this week.

The Dominator PFB and Ballycoog Breaker Boy are at Osberton in the 2*L and 3*L at the end of the month. - Then a holiday for all!!

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